The NTC Anniversary Party

Every year on January 31 which is the founding date of the NTC, we will organize the NTC anniversary party. It is not a contest but a place and time to meet NTC members and other CW lovers and to have a relaxed QSO. Please try to keep your speed below 25 wpm to give everyone a chance to participate.

Please call CQ NTC to participate.

Date: January 31 of each year

Time: 19:00 to 21:00 UTC, 2 hours!

Mode: CW

Frequencies: 3.550-3.560, 7.030-7.040 and 14.050-14.060 kHz

Exchange: RST, name and NTC number. If you are not a member send NM (Non Member) for NTC number. Please send a realistic RST and not a standard 5nn. Exchange of other information is allowed and encouraged.


NTC Anniversary calls PF6NTC, PG6NTC and PI4NTC 15 points
NTC members outside your country 9 points
NTC members inside your own country 6 points
All others 1 point

You can work a station once per band. Any QSO you make during the 2 hours will count for your score, also QSOs outside the party.

Submit your log until one week after the party to anniversary@pi4ntc.nl. Preferred format is Cabrillo, no ADIF please! Results will be published on the NTC website and on the members-only NTC mailing list.