Worked NTC Members

We are working on a certificate program for the NTC. Our first award is called WNTCM. It will be issued after working 25 NTC members in CW. More than 50% of the members you work need to have a Dutch callsign. If you are outside Europe at least 25% need to have a Dutch callsign. You can see a sample of the WNTCM below. To apply for this award download the application form here and read the instructions.

As our club grows it will become more easy to gain this award. This award is totally free and will be sent to you as a pdf document.

WNTCM award winners are: 001-9A1AA, 002-PG4I, 003-DF7TV, 004-PA3HEN, 005-SQ9S, 006-F6JOE, 007-YO6EX, 008-ON6NL, 009-PA2RG, 010-DM3ZM, 011-9A3SM, 012-PA0CMU, 013-SP7OGP, 014-PA9CW, 015-PA3EEG, 016-ON7DQ, 017-I5ECW, 018-DL4HJ, 019-GW4OKT, 020-OK1RR, 021-G0LLX, 022-PA7DN, 023-DL3HWO, 024-PA0RBA, 025-ON9TT, 026-ON4CAS, 027-DF4WX, 028-PA3Y, 029-PE0CD, 030-DL1JDQ, 031-S58MU, 032-EA7EGU, 033-PA3EYM, 034-DL4FDM, 035-PC4E, 036-PG5V, 037-UA6AX, 038-PA3AM, 039-SF6W, 040-OK2BVX, 041-OK1LO.